Sunday, April 2, 2017

Don't Fear Change

Ever hear of the phrase, "Nothing to fear but fear itself."  Fear is an emotion that someone allows into his or her psyche.  Everyone posses the abilities to do whatever he or she wants to achieve in life.  I wrote about this in two of my previous posts, Your Abilities=Your Utilities and Psyche Over Matter.  Do not let fear stop anyone from anything.  I know we as people at times like to be in their comfort zones, because they are safe and convenient and we can be stuck in our ways and are not always susceptible to change. If one has lived for quite some time, he or she knows that change is inevitable.  That person knows that he or she has to be adaptable to change in order to continue to succeed in life.   Change should not be looked as a negative thing.  It helps us to grow and to have different perspectives and experiences that we would not look at it if change was nonexistent.   Life is about experiencing and changes are the essences, but they benefit us by helping to become a better version of ourselves.  Do not fear change, embrace it.  

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