Thursday, April 6, 2017


In life, people are seeking out what they want out of life and what to do with it.  Some may go look for guidance from people who have been big influencers in their lives or who they have a great deal of trust. What most people often forget to do is to look at themselves and want they truly want.  What they want may not match or be similar to what the people who matter the most to them.  Those people have to remember that only them are in control of their lives and happiness.  One does not have to receive validation from others in order to achieve happiness.  What one believes in and stand for is all the validation that he or she needs.  It is up to that individual to go after it through hard work, persistent, and determination.  One of the people I admire is Shannon Sharpe from Fox Sports One.  He said, "In order to be great you sometimes have to be selfish."  So in order to be great and be truly happy, one needs to have self-realization and to know who one is inside and to go after whatever belief he or she stands.  Do not worry about what other people say.  It is okay to consider what they say, but ultimately it is your decision to make and whose happiness is at stake.

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