Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Power Of Attention

When working on anything such as goals and building relationships with people, it is easy to lose track of what one has and focus on trying to obtain something someone wants or does not have.  One fault some people have is that once someone has attained something, it is easy to be neglectful about the thing after he or she has achieved.  One is not paying any mind to it anymore due to it fulfillment.  He or she no longer sees any use for it, because the growth is completed.  Progression or growth is good but one should stay in tune of the past so history does not repeat itself when conundrums appear in life and be taken for granted. This is why attention is very powerful. One should be cognizant when giving it or not.  Attention represents caring and making something or someone feel special.  For example, some people forget to give attention at times to friends and to check up on them, but if someone was looking to make a friend with someone and that person ignores him or her that someone will spend a lot of attention making that person his or her friend.  Attention should be at the same degree when it is the other way around when someone or something is present in one's life.  A person can potentially lose someone or something he or she already has when one is not expecting it.  Like the saying goes, what is here today can be gone tomorrow.  It is easy for someone to pay attention to something or someone when there is a problem or concern, because it affects that person and he or she wants to fix it.  It is just as important to follow or check up with friends and things in life, because one  b may not know what is really going on, even if someone or something looks fine on the outside. One thing about life and trying to grow from it, is that it is about giving the proper attention to what one already has and staying in tune and incorporating that with future endeavors and applying when the situations arise, whether it is relationships with people or setting goals.  Each and every one or thing is a building block to where one came from and where one is now in his or her life. If any is not giving the same or similar amount of attention, one's growth can be stunted in anything one tries to do.  So all and all, one should be all encompassing, because everything in life happens for a reason.

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