Sunday, April 16, 2017

Special Edition: Communication Is Essential

Communication is essential in everyday life, especially in regards to building relationships and interacting with people.  There are several forms of communication that we as humans use such as technology, verbal, non verbal.  We as people are social beings.  We like to be informed and to know what is going on, especially if it is going to affect us in any sort of way.  That is why it is important to be an effective communicator, where one can be sought or look as a trustworthy, leader, competent, and other positive attributes.  Communication is extremely important in the professional realm of work businesses as well as relationships between men and women.  If one is not able to articulate oneself on an interview for a job, he or she will most likely be passed over despite being very qualified on paper.  That is how important communication is in the workforce, because it is one of the most determining factors if a project is going to succeed or fail, along with the relationships of people that someone works with.  As far as relationships between men and women, the way the two sexes communicate is one of biggest difference they have amongst each other.  For women, they are stimulated by words/emotions and men have to be careful when speaking to them, because women can be offended by what men say, even if men did not mean for something to be taken a certain way.  There are words that have double meanings.  For example, the word 'pique' has a meaning of to stimulate out of curiosity and can be also be define as the feeling of annoyance or frustration.  When it comes to communication from men, they are blunt, terse, and a lot more direct and to the point when conversing or being more objective than subjective.  There is little to no emotions when expressing themselves, whereas women are a lot more detailed and express emotions when speaking or being more subjective than objective.   It is important for us as humans to have a blend of being subjective and objective.  I believe men and women need each other and do not care what feminism or any feminist say such as Gloria Steinem, Irina Dunn that  'A woman need a man like a fish needs a bicycle.'  Both sexes need each other like a fish needs water.  Men and women can teach one another on what each other lacks.  For men, they lack expressing themselves when conversing with women.   Women may feel men do not have much of opinions and may come off as idiots to women.  For women, they lack rationale, logic and reason to the extent of men.  Women may feel the need to express their feelings to men even when it comes to the smallest of things which are benign and cannot go without saying anything.  Women do not know when enough is enough.  I feel like they do not posses that depth to let things go that are benign, because they feel those things may worsen or become problems if left ignored; this comes off as querulous to men.  They may be unable to recognize when some things are small and not to sweat the small stuff.  I believe that men and women should teach each other on one another strengths, because that will bridge the gap between the two sexes as far as communication goes.  Communication is crucial and can build stronger and healthier relationships between people when done effectively.

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