Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Be Approachable

In order to begin with being approachable, one must Have An Approach Method first.  Once someone has a method, he or she will understand that him or her needs to be presentable in a way that he or she knows how to brand him or herself.  As I had written in my last post, the first thing is to make a connection, whether it is with a person or people or a goal(s) in mind.  One needs to make a good impression on someone if he or she is trying to build a relationship or envision potential benefits that can be derived if he or she is setting goal(s).  Both instances need to potentially derive benefits and opportunities from all sides or parties in the matter for a connection to be effective.  If a person is trying to make a good impression in order to build relationship(s) with a person or people, he or she needs to dress professionally and to be able to articulate in a way to market oneself; to come off as one has something to offer and how he or she can benefit another party(ies).  For setting goals, one should have plans on how they are going to execute them and foresee the potential benefits from it all.  There should be tactics on how the plans will play out.  The second portion of the approach method is the association.  Once a connection has been made, one need to try to establish an association and to continuously building upon it.  For building relationship, one should always try to improve oneself in everything and honing on his or her skills and staying on top of oneself by being updated on new information being derived and using it to one's advantage.  For setting goals, one should Have A Healthy Obsession with being persistent and finding any potential challenges or pitfalls that one may foresee and to be able to combat them and always looking for changes to be improved upon.  With being approachable, it is a continuation on working and improving on oneself and staying marketable by being anew and updated in order to become the best version of yourself, which is to stay challenging by setting goals.

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