Thursday, April 20, 2017

Images Matter

Images play a big role in shaping the way people think and have a great influence in their lives. Confidence is derived from self-image or how one perceives he or she should look and feel.  For example, with the color red, men are attracted to women the most when they are wearing something red.  Men are visually (Look) stimulated beings; images such as stop signs and red lights from the traffic lights and the actions that follows when seeing them demand people to stop.  This grabs attention or being attention-centric.  Other examples include fire trucks and ambulances when their red sirens go off and people have to pull to the side of the road and take notice. With women, they are emotionally (Feel) stimulated beings.  They are attracted to men who have great postures and show strong body language.  Women will feel and assume that men like that are confident.  That is why it is important not to look sad on the outside for men, because women will feel that these type of men are insecure and having internal battles with themselves and perceive as weak, even when they may not be on the inside. Personally,  I struggle with this.  I feel happy on the inside, but sound and look depress on the outside.  I am a laid back and soft spoken individual.  We as humans communicate nonverbally a lot more than verbally (60-90% vs. 10-30%).  The way someone feels can be displayed on the surface, in general.  The subconscious is stronger than the conscious mind.  So all and all, appearance does matter.  Both men and women's psyches are greatly affected by images.  When it comes to images, men and women are stimulated the same but with different perceptions. For women, it is through feelings.  For men, it is through looks.

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