Monday, April 17, 2017

Have An Approach Method

The crux of an approach method, whether it is developing a relationship with someone or setting goals is the association vs. connection aspect.  Even though the two are similar, there is a slight different.  Connection is a potential based or focused where two or more entities have no previous interactions before, but may derive benefits from all sides if the approach is done in a proper manner.  This revolves around creating a good first impression and being about to present and to articulate oneself.  The second aspect is association, which is an establish based or focused where two or more entities has a connection and rapport.  This has to be maintained and to be built upon in order for the relationship to continue and be prosperous.  An association is not able to exist without first establishing a connection.  The two go hand in hand.  One must have a plan for an approach to be executed the way he or she wants it go in order to successfully establish relationships with people and accomplish goals.

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