Saturday, April 1, 2017

3 Ways To Create Opportunities

There are ways for one to create opportunities for him or herself.   This involves a little research and observation in order for opportunities to arise.  Whatever one is trying to become or do with his or her life needs to take a proactive role in how to make something happen.  For example, with research, this can mean browsing the internet or reading books and finding stories on how people got to where their at now and that is the position that person wants to be.   If someone is looking for a profession to go into, there is LinkedIn, networking events if join communities online, etc.  Another way to create opportunities is something basic that anyone can do which is to be observant.  Wherever one goes, whether it is walking, driving, riding a bicycle or in a car with friends or family, be very aware of the surroundings.  Those are where the biggest opportunities come from, but a lot people can have the tendencies of missing out on them if not conscious at all.  There can flyers on bulletin boards at grocery stores, telephone poles, business offices, etc.  One should walk into any situation with an opened mind, even if one thinks it is not beneficial to him or her initially.  A third way to create opportunities for him or herself is to develop an elevator speech.  One will never know who he or she will run into, so it is best to have one made, because this will be to his or her advantage and can highly positioned oneself into opportunity he or she does not see coming.  So all and all, no matter how little control of the situation one thinks he or she has, opportunities can be created if he or she takes an active role.

A link on how to create an elevator speech:  Elevator Speech

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