Saturday, April 8, 2017

How To Become Assertive: Invest In Self First

In order for someone to become assertive, one needs to invest in him or herself first.  Before one can truly make someone else happy or invest into someone or something, he or she needs to make oneself happy first.   People want to be liked by everybody and want his or her approval or validation, but one needs to truly seek out his or her own desires and wants and to affirm self-validation, which I wrote in a previous post, Self-Validation.  No one knows one better than oneself and looking for validation from others is not going to make one happy, because one is unsure about him or herself without investing.  Until one knows oneself by investing into him or herself with time, money, emotions, experiencing life on his or her own and has self-validation, then one can take into consideration of sanctions from other people's validations.  One has to search for his or her own pursuit of happiness or self and to look from within and to start setting goals for oneself to reach wherever he or she is trying to go in life.  One must always try to look to improve and to get better at being a better version of him or herself and that is by being proactive and setting goals, which will create opportunities for that person to achieve whatever he or she is trying to accomplish.   As one is going through the journey for pursuit of greatness/happiness/bliss of oneself, he or she will face adversities and challenges and learn more about him or herself in which he or she will be investing the time, money, effort/emotions and will reach success. Even if he or she does not reach success the first time at whatever he or she is trying to accomplish, that person will continuously to try and try until success is reach.  As a result, he or she will develop characteristics such as drive, tenacity, self-reliance, self-worth, high morals, etc.  That person will exude these characteristics and they will be ingrained into his or her personality and others will take notice.  All in all, in order to be assertive, it has to start with you, because you matter.  Being assertive in life can lead to immense possibilities and reaching your greatest potential in one's life.

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