Sunday, April 23, 2017

Setting The Stage: Appreciated VS. Underappreciated

Do you feel underappreciated or undervalued at times?  Is one asking the question, "Why is this?"  A person can be saying to him or herself, I have the talent or ability, and the work ethic that goes with it and it is garnishing little to no attention from anyone. If one is outspoken about being underappreciated, he or she may be labeled as self-absorbed.  So it is a lose-lose battle.  A person may say, "What can I do about getting notice?" One has to set the stage for him or herself in order to get the deserved recognition one has worked hard to get.   One has to have the right approach method and mindset.  I wrote about this in previous posts, Approach Method and Be Approachable.  Personally, I feel like I have been undervalued or underappreciated in my life.  I am trying to go into the science profession, but having a hard time breaking into the industry.  I have the degrees and the work ethic, the first one there and the last one to leave mindset.  Anyways, in order for someone to set the stage for him or herself, a person needs to know what one looks like.  An example is Steph Curry.  He is the most "relatable" person in the NBA.  He looks like the average person.  He is not the fastest, the strongest, or the most athletic in the league.  What makes Steph Curry standout from a lot of people in the NBA who are vastly more talented than he is?  He knows how to present himself.  I believe he is the best point guard in the NBA.  Steph Curry knows who he is and knows where his ability lies, in his shooting.  He showcases his talent and plays in the perfect system that allows him to do so.  When one is playing offensive in NBA, it is flashy, usually fast, in your face, a lot of freedom, creativity, unpredictability, as far as the defensive team does not know when an offensive team is going to shoot, because there can a lot of dribbling, passing, and a lot of varieties.  This all describes to being excitable and can bring about individuality as well, even when being part of a team.  One the flip side of the coin, a person who is in the NBA that I believe is the most underappreciated is Mike Conley Jr.  His team, the Memphis Grizzlies, are a defensive team. I think he is the second best point guard in the NBA, but goes unnoticed because of the system and team he plays for, which is about defensive.  Like the manta goes, "Defense wins championships."  Which is why winning championships are team awards and no individuality is ever derived out of those teams.  Everyone is looked the same way and each and every one has a collective effort in achieving championships. Mike Conley Jr's strength or talent is offensive, but that is limited due to where he plays.  When describing about defensive, it is the exact opposite of what I described about the offensive team.  The pace is slow, because the team is trying to prevent the offensive from scoring and getting stops. There is little variety, getting a steal, the offensive team misses shots and the defensive teams get rebounds, or the offensive team loses the ball out of bound.  Notice how I write about defensive and still mention a lot about offensive.  When I write about offensive, there is barely any mention about defensive.  So all and all, it is about knowing who one is and being able to present oneself and putting one's talent on notice. One must learn and know how to set the stage for him or herself.

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