Monday, April 3, 2017

Lessons In Life Are Meant To Be Blessings

Like the old saying goes, "Everything happens for a reason." Whether one knows it or not, lessons we as people learn in life are meant to be blessings.  One may not understand why do certain things happen to me and usually during critical time of his or her life.  When things like this occurs, do not ask why, but learn from those lessons and mature to become a better version of oneself as one is continuously learning throughout in life.  Challenges and adversities arise when one is not really expecting them to happen.  Everything can be good one moment, and then go in a downward spiral the next.  This can cause someone to refocus if he or she has been caught in moment or moments and gone complacent.  Whether something happens, bad or good, take something from it and continue to grow or build from it.  Lessons should be seen as blessings, even if one see it as a negative.  Well, he or she needs to turn that negativity into something positive, because lessons will continue throughout our lifetime.

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