Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Strive or Be Deprived

In anything one does in life, he or she has to be able to put in the necessary work to get where he or she want to go.  This means that one has to strive and always staying proactive and creating opportunities for him or her in order to achieve goals, things in life.  One should not be idle or deprive at all because that leads to nowhere and time still continuously moves forward and he or she may feel like one is falling behind in life.  One should not give up at the first sign of adversity as well; patience is virtue.  Challenges are good for individuals because nothing in life is handed to anyone.  One must work hard in order to achieve something.  Staying productive and setting goals are ways in being great and successful in life.  At times, one has to wait for his or her opportunity to arise and he or she is going to be ready when that moment comes because of the hard work one has endured and put.  It is up to the individual and how bad one wants of something out in life.  So all and all, one must keep staying productive and striving to reach his or her endeavors.  His or her time will come.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Setting The Stage: Appreciated VS. Underappreciated

Do you feel underappreciated or undervalued at times?  Is one asking the question, "Why is this?"  A person can be saying to him or herself, I have the talent or ability, and the work ethic that goes with it and it is garnishing little to no attention from anyone. If one is outspoken about being underappreciated, he or she may be labeled as self-absorbed.  So it is a lose-lose battle.  A person may say, "What can I do about getting notice?" One has to set the stage for him or herself in order to get the deserved recognition one has worked hard to get.   One has to have the right approach method and mindset.  I wrote about this in previous posts, Approach Method and Be Approachable.  Personally, I feel like I have been undervalued or underappreciated in my life.  I am trying to go into the science profession, but having a hard time breaking into the industry.  I have the degrees and the work ethic, the first one there and the last one to leave mindset.  Anyways, in order for someone to set the stage for him or herself, a person needs to know what one looks like.  An example is Steph Curry.  He is the most "relatable" person in the NBA.  He looks like the average person.  He is not the fastest, the strongest, or the most athletic in the league.  What makes Steph Curry standout from a lot of people in the NBA who are vastly more talented than he is?  He knows how to present himself.  I believe he is the best point guard in the NBA.  Steph Curry knows who he is and knows where his ability lies, in his shooting.  He showcases his talent and plays in the perfect system that allows him to do so.  When one is playing offensive in NBA, it is flashy, usually fast, in your face, a lot of freedom, creativity, unpredictability, as far as the defensive team does not know when an offensive team is going to shoot, because there can a lot of dribbling, passing, and a lot of varieties.  This all describes to being excitable and can bring about individuality as well, even when being part of a team.  One the flip side of the coin, a person who is in the NBA that I believe is the most underappreciated is Mike Conley Jr.  His team, the Memphis Grizzlies, are a defensive team. I think he is the second best point guard in the NBA, but goes unnoticed because of the system and team he plays for, which is about defensive.  Like the manta goes, "Defense wins championships."  Which is why winning championships are team awards and no individuality is ever derived out of those teams.  Everyone is looked the same way and each and every one has a collective effort in achieving championships. Mike Conley Jr's strength or talent is offensive, but that is limited due to where he plays.  When describing about defensive, it is the exact opposite of what I described about the offensive team.  The pace is slow, because the team is trying to prevent the offensive from scoring and getting stops. There is little variety, getting a steal, the offensive team misses shots and the defensive teams get rebounds, or the offensive team loses the ball out of bound.  Notice how I write about defensive and still mention a lot about offensive.  When I write about offensive, there is barely any mention about defensive.  So all and all, it is about knowing who one is and being able to present oneself and putting one's talent on notice. One must learn and know how to set the stage for him or herself.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Power Of Attention

When working on anything such as goals and building relationships with people, it is easy to lose track of what one has and focus on trying to obtain something someone wants or does not have.  One fault some people have is that once someone has attained something, it is easy to be neglectful about the thing after he or she has achieved.  One is not paying any mind to it anymore due to it fulfillment.  He or she no longer sees any use for it, because the growth is completed.  Progression or growth is good but one should stay in tune of the past so history does not repeat itself when conundrums appear in life and be taken for granted. This is why attention is very powerful. One should be cognizant when giving it or not.  Attention represents caring and making something or someone feel special.  For example, some people forget to give attention at times to friends and to check up on them, but if someone was looking to make a friend with someone and that person ignores him or her that someone will spend a lot of attention making that person his or her friend.  Attention should be at the same degree when it is the other way around when someone or something is present in one's life.  A person can potentially lose someone or something he or she already has when one is not expecting it.  Like the saying goes, what is here today can be gone tomorrow.  It is easy for someone to pay attention to something or someone when there is a problem or concern, because it affects that person and he or she wants to fix it.  It is just as important to follow or check up with friends and things in life, because one  b may not know what is really going on, even if someone or something looks fine on the outside. One thing about life and trying to grow from it, is that it is about giving the proper attention to what one already has and staying in tune and incorporating that with future endeavors and applying when the situations arise, whether it is relationships with people or setting goals.  Each and every one or thing is a building block to where one came from and where one is now in his or her life. If any is not giving the same or similar amount of attention, one's growth can be stunted in anything one tries to do.  So all and all, one should be all encompassing, because everything in life happens for a reason.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Images Matter

Images play a big role in shaping the way people think and have a great influence in their lives. Confidence is derived from self-image or how one perceives he or she should look and feel.  For example, with the color red, men are attracted to women the most when they are wearing something red.  Men are visually (Look) stimulated beings; images such as stop signs and red lights from the traffic lights and the actions that follows when seeing them demand people to stop.  This grabs attention or being attention-centric.  Other examples include fire trucks and ambulances when their red sirens go off and people have to pull to the side of the road and take notice. With women, they are emotionally (Feel) stimulated beings.  They are attracted to men who have great postures and show strong body language.  Women will feel and assume that men like that are confident.  That is why it is important not to look sad on the outside for men, because women will feel that these type of men are insecure and having internal battles with themselves and perceive as weak, even when they may not be on the inside. Personally,  I struggle with this.  I feel happy on the inside, but sound and look depress on the outside.  I am a laid back and soft spoken individual.  We as humans communicate nonverbally a lot more than verbally (60-90% vs. 10-30%).  The way someone feels can be displayed on the surface, in general.  The subconscious is stronger than the conscious mind.  So all and all, appearance does matter.  Both men and women's psyches are greatly affected by images.  When it comes to images, men and women are stimulated the same but with different perceptions. For women, it is through feelings.  For men, it is through looks.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Leave No Stone Unturned

When exploring at any endeavors in life, one should leave no stone unturned.  No matter how small and obsolete an option may seem to someone it could potentially lead to bigger and better things in life.  One should never limit him or herself and miss out on any opportunity that presents itself.  One should always remain humble and be thankful for any opportunity and not to have the mentally of anything is beneath him or her.  He or she needs to exhaust all options and never to overlook any of them because one thinks it will be of little impact on the outcomes. I know as a society, we as humans like to generalized and generalizations are usually true but it is not always good to assume that certain situations will lead to certain outcomes.  One needs to let things play out and to explore every options that is given to someone and make the best efforts one can in every situation.  So all and all, leave no stone unturned because one truly never knows what the outcomes are going to be in every situation.  The best thing to do is to exhaust every options that one possess, because one may miss on an opportunity of a lifetime if one does not exercise every option.  One misses out 100% of the time what he or she does not use or take.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Be Approachable

In order to begin with being approachable, one must Have An Approach Method first.  Once someone has a method, he or she will understand that him or her needs to be presentable in a way that he or she knows how to brand him or herself.  As I had written in my last post, the first thing is to make a connection, whether it is with a person or people or a goal(s) in mind.  One needs to make a good impression on someone if he or she is trying to build a relationship or envision potential benefits that can be derived if he or she is setting goal(s).  Both instances need to potentially derive benefits and opportunities from all sides or parties in the matter for a connection to be effective.  If a person is trying to make a good impression in order to build relationship(s) with a person or people, he or she needs to dress professionally and to be able to articulate in a way to market oneself; to come off as one has something to offer and how he or she can benefit another party(ies).  For setting goals, one should have plans on how they are going to execute them and foresee the potential benefits from it all.  There should be tactics on how the plans will play out.  The second portion of the approach method is the association.  Once a connection has been made, one need to try to establish an association and to continuously building upon it.  For building relationship, one should always try to improve oneself in everything and honing on his or her skills and staying on top of oneself by being updated on new information being derived and using it to one's advantage.  For setting goals, one should Have A Healthy Obsession with being persistent and finding any potential challenges or pitfalls that one may foresee and to be able to combat them and always looking for changes to be improved upon.  With being approachable, it is a continuation on working and improving on oneself and staying marketable by being anew and updated in order to become the best version of yourself, which is to stay challenging by setting goals.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Have An Approach Method

The crux of an approach method, whether it is developing a relationship with someone or setting goals is the association vs. connection aspect.  Even though the two are similar, there is a slight different.  Connection is a potential based or focused where two or more entities have no previous interactions before, but may derive benefits from all sides if the approach is done in a proper manner.  This revolves around creating a good first impression and being about to present and to articulate oneself.  The second aspect is association, which is an establish based or focused where two or more entities has a connection and rapport.  This has to be maintained and to be built upon in order for the relationship to continue and be prosperous.  An association is not able to exist without first establishing a connection.  The two go hand in hand.  One must have a plan for an approach to be executed the way he or she wants it go in order to successfully establish relationships with people and accomplish goals.