Sunday, April 16, 2017

Train The Brain Happy Easter Sunday

There is a "Use it or lose it" principle when it comes to training the brain.  One becomes in sync with whatever he or she chooses to train for, because the brain is hardwired as such.  There is a process called pruning in the brain system where things that are really useless to someone and they get wiped away.   That is why it is important to keep oneself occupy or active, because if not, one's brain will become as such.  If one starts setting goals and being active, the brain will become hardwired and one will become quicker and more efficient at doing such activity.  If one wants to become a couch potato, one's brain will be hardwired and it will become difficult to break out of that state of mind.  So please, keep being active and finding new ways to become a better version of oneself.
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