Saturday, April 8, 2017

Gather Than Rather

When doing anything in life, one should gather the information and any other resources before planning to do so than rather do something without any information and resources.  One should be in control of his or her situations in life and to take an active/proactive role rather than hoping for breaks or having someone else doing it for that person and being passive.  A little bit of work has not killed anyone before.  Work is good.  Work makes someone into an honest person.  One should always put him or herself in the best possible position in anything he or she is trying to do or strive to accomplish.  Having a passive(rather) mindset is not the way to go, because one is powerless.  He or she is depending upon hope and prayers and looking for easy ways out, which in then creates doubt.  This leads to nowhere positive.  One should have a active(gather) mindset, because one is in power and controlling his or her situation and putting in the necessary work for things to be created.  Like the old saying goes, "What is faith without works?"  One can create anything he or she believes in as long as it is realistic and attainable by doing the work.

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