Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Your Abilities=Your Utilities

Martin Luther King Jr once said in one of his speeches, "The mind is a terrible thing to waste."  One of the greatest tools that us humans have been given is a mind of our owns.  And with this mind, gives us abilities.  Everyday, we use our abilities such as our senses to gather up information as well as being instinctive.  These are our utilities that we use to survive and create for our needs and others. Throughout world history, we humans have faced a lot of changes and adversities, and had been able to adapt to them.  Not most people like a lot of changes unless it is to make our lives more convenient and better.  But when face with adversities our senses or abilities will kick in and be used to where we can conquer those battles and hopefully to create something to avoid those particular adversities to occur again or reduce the chances.  Even though no one really likes to face adversities, it does help us humans to become stronger individuals.  Our abilities give us ways to create things that are beneficial to our survival.  This is why challenges are good for us, it helps us to become better people.  So do not ever say, "I cannot do this or that, or do not have this or that. "  We possess the abilities or utilities from within.  We as humans have gone through a ton of adversities in history and had found ways to survive and create a better world for us to live.  I do not see us being incapable now, because challenges have been with us since the beginning of time.  Do not let challenges or adversities stop you from greatness.  We have always had the abilities to do whatever we want, so use them.  Your natural abilities are your best utilities.  

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