Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Be Great Not Good

My dad once told me, "Good is the evil of great."  He had gotten that from a book.  I had forgotten name of it.  It is easy for someone to settle for being okay or good than to be great.  Everyone has heard of the expression, "Take what you can get or settle."  There is nothing negative about that phrase, because time does move fast and it is better than having nothing at all. No one wants to look back and say, "I have could have done a little better than what I had settle for."  It may be more work and harder to achieve greatness, but one gets to say, "I gave it my all,"  and have no regrets.  Being good limits oneself and holds on to untapped potential.  Even when someone is unsuccessful the first, second, or how many times, keep trying.  Being unsuccessful at something multiple times does not equate to failure.  Life is about experiencing.  Being unsuccessful at something in life is inevitable.  Overcoming barriers in life after multiple unsuccessful attempts is what is going to make someone to  be successful in life.  People learn more from mistakes than not.    From adversities, challenges bourn out stronger character and success.  Don't fear away from being great, take it by the horns.

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