Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What Is Your Passion?

Everyone has hopes and dream when he or she is little.  These passions are discovered through exposure from television, the environment he or she is from, the internet, just about anywhere.  One usually envisions him or herself doing whatever passion he or she desires.  That is what passion is, a burning desire that saturates in a person's psyche for a long time.  As the old saying goes, one usually eats, sleeps, breaths whatever passion he or she envisions doing one day. Nothing in the world usually makes a person more happier than to imagine him or herself doing his or her passion.  Unfortunately, as some people get older and realize they feel as so they cannot reach those passions for whatever reasons.  Planting a bad seed into one's mind can cause someone not to strive for those passions as one used to have as a little child. When one places doubt into his or her mind that is when excuses are born. I feel like everyone has the necessary abilities to accomplish anything he or she wants to achieve in life. In one of my previous posts, Your Abilities=Your Utilities , I wrote more about that.  Everyone has unique abilities, and one's strengths are different from another's strengths.  It is up to the person to utilize them.  Even if one has unsuccessful attempts from one passion, but learn from those unsuccessful attempts, another passion may derive from it.  It is okay for someone to have more than one passion.  Do not limit oneself.  Try to maximize the potential that lies within oneself.  Searching and discovering anything in life are going be through trials and errors, that is how experience is acquired.  Do not fear going after a passion, strive at it.  Do not live in fear, it will only hinder you.

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