Thursday, March 23, 2017

Light(You), Camera(Plan), Action(Implement)

Lights, camera, action mean it is showtime.  This is where people want to put their best foot forward and showcase their abilities. Where you are the light and have fixed yourself just right to where your best is being displayed.  The camera is the plan where everything is recorded and being played out to how you want it to be.  Action is implementing or carrying out the plan with what you have envision it to be since the very beginning.  Setting goals and working hard by dedication and determination causes you to improve on the old you and instilling confidence and self-worth by going through challenges and adversities and persevering from it all.  With the right mind set and attitude, it is not impossible to reach a goal or plan.  As the saying goes, "Believing is half the battle."  Having the vision in accomplishing the goal, plan backed by the drive, determination, and commitment will gets someone to where he or she is headed.  Lights, camera, action, make it happen.

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