Monday, March 20, 2017

Do This When Stuck In A Rut

Every now and then a person is going to find him or herself stuck in a rut in life where he or she does not know what to do and starting to lose all hope.  One thing a person does not want to do is panic or quit at whatever is troubling him or her.  If someone is struck, it is okay for him or her to take breaks when one has reached an impasse.  Do not take too many breaks, because it can lead to be complacent.  Breaks can be something like listening to music.  For me, when I feel like I am mentally and physically worn out from working on a job, project, or goal, I listen to something that are uplifting and inspirational.  Such music includes, "Going Up Yonder," by Walter Hawkins, "The Best In Me," by Marvin Sapp, and "I Won't Complain," by Reverend Paul Jones.  Another option is to walk around outside in the fresh air to clear one's mind from whatever is causing him or her havoc.  This can lead to finding something one can incorporate into his or her work or a solution or solutions to his or her problem or problems.  A third solution is reading books that makes one happy or use critical thinking skills. A professor once told me that when things are out of order or puzzles us, we humans tend to find ways to bring order back.  It is in our nature to do so.  There are many other solutions to find when stuck in a rut.  Everyone knows him or herself well enough to know what makes him or her happy.  One should find something that suits him or her the best until homeostasis is established so he or she can get back on track to obtain whatever is needed to be achieved.

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