Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Stay Strong And Persistent

One of the keys to reaching success in anything is to stay strong and persistent.  Any time a person is doing something whether it is a project, work, goal, etc. there are going period or periods of crunch time.  This can be time, resource, or anything that is a constraint to wherever one is trying to reach.  In one's mind, this can make someone's his or her lowest point in life at that moment.  What one should not do is to panic or call it quits.  One should remain calm, be optimistic and say he or she is going to get through this difficult moment.  For the most part, people do not like any sort of pressure, because it can mentally and physically wear someone out.  Believe or not, a little pressure is a good thing.  I am not saying dealing with pressure on a daily is good, but pressure here or there is. This is where a true person's character comes to fruition.  Some may fold under pressure, and may brush it off and say, "It was only one time," but that can enter and stay into someone's psyche.  Then when another encounter comes, that person is most likely going to do the same thing he or she did the first time.  If that person had gone through with the pressure and stay strong and persistent, he or she would had taken what he or she learnt from that incident, and would most likely succeeded through subsequent incidents.  Our bodies have muscle memory which has similar mechanisms as memory T and B cells in immunology.  Meaning if someone is going through a stressful situation and an event happens again in the future, the body is prepared for it and know how to handle it since it dealt with it before.  Even if you were unable to succeed the first time in a pressure situation, but fought through it, did not mean you fail.  Failing is when someone gives up entirely.  That person will continue to fail, if he or she sticks with a giving up mentality.  So all and all, stay strong and persistent in everything you do.  You will be thankful and become a stronger individual for it.

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