Friday, March 31, 2017

High Tolerance Is Low Standards

When it comes to setting goals or anything anyone is trying to do for that matter, settling or developing a tolerance for an outcome that is compromised than the one one originally had in mind is low standards.  One should not settle for results, because that is like taking the easy way out.  That person is not doing him or herself any favors by choosing to settle.  When someone continues to settle for things in life, then he or she will build up a tolerance that is detrimental to one's growth.  One will not learn anything from whatever he or she is wanting to accomplish, because that person avoids the challenges that is ahead and decide to settle.  When choosing to settle, one is content with having low standards, because that person is compromising his or her outcomes in which he or she cannot become a better version of him or herself.  So all and all, avoid settling and set deadlines for each milestone one is striving to achieve in order to establish standards.  If one does not have any standards, then he or she will accept just about anything, which prevents someone from reaching happiness and end up regretting the choices he or she makes for settling.

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