Thursday, March 30, 2017

Seize The Moment

Opportunities: Something we as people take for granted and hope they come at our convenience when we are down on our lucks.  In life, there will be highs and lows, and that is normal.  When we as people are at our highs in life, we should take as much advantage as possible as people and to do a little bit more extra than normal, because there will days when we will have lows, and feel like we are falling behind in time.  In this way, we will reach an average or be consistent; feel like we are still on track of reaching wherever we need to go in life.  I mentioned about how consistency matter in a previous post, Consistency Matters But Look To Improve, and that we as people need to build from consistency when the opportunities present themselves.  Seize the moment, because that is when we as people will shine the most and maybe have that eureka moment as well.  There will be many moments when reaching for goals in general, but that eureka can come early, in the middle, or towards the end of goals.  Whenever that moment comes, be ready and do not shy away from it, and seize it.

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