Sunday, March 26, 2017

Risks Are Good

When out setting goals, working on projects, or just about anything someone is doing, one is most likely than not are going to run across challenges and sometimes taking risks are good.  If one has a plan and can foresee the obstacles down the road, he or she should practice risk management. One should weigh the pros and cons in his or her plan.  Knowing how to combat the risks and to minimize them from getting out of control and ruining one's goals, projects; causing someone to start over after exhausting a lot of time and resource and stunting one's growth.  That is how one growth, through challenges and setting goals.  Risks are good when knowing when to take them.  If one knows the impact of a risk, for example, if a risk has a low risk, high reward one, and someone can have a good rationale from having a clear understanding of the risk.  That is when it is a good time to take a risk.  One has the confidence and proper judgement to take risks when the opportunity or situation present itself.  Do not be afraid to take risks, because one is limiting him or herself and will be unable to grow and learn from them.  Take risks because life is about learning from experiences.

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