Saturday, March 25, 2017

Consistency Matters But Look To Improve

Consistency is a good thing since throughout our lives there are highs and lows and that is normal, but it can be viewed as a bad thing if they are not building upon it and trying to improve their lives.  Nothing ever really stays the same and one needs to do the same with him or herself.  Our surroundings are constantly changing and we need to adapt ourselves in order not to fall behind.  It is easy for someone to be content and complacent even with consistency, but one is not doing him or her any favor.  Time moves in one direction and that is forward.  If one stays consistent and content, it is a high chance that he or she can regress.  Since time is always moving forward and one digs him or herself in a hole by regressing, then someone may start to doubt him or herself to better oneself and trying to make something out of life.  Consistency can be as bad as regression because one is not improving and time and surroundings are going constantly changing.  In order for someone to improve, he or she needs to keep setting goals and looking for ways to improve him or herself. Consistency matters only if one is trying to build from it.

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